Exciting descents in the Super Tubing Area

Unleash your desire for fun in the Super Tubing Area in Bobbio with the Bobbiotube and 2 other Tubings. In total, 3 synthetic tracks and the thrilling tunnel of the Bobbiotube to ride down with inflatable tubes. And to go back up? Don't worry: a conveyor belt will take you back to the top of the slope for a new thrilling descent. The Super Tubing Area is open every day when the Barzio-Bobbio cable car is operating (weather conditions permitting).

Super Tubing Area Rates - tickets available directly at the venue:

  • 1 ride: € 2

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Guaranteed fun with the Marble Track

A fantastic wooden track with straightaways, sound paths, tunnels, and traps awaits you in Bobbio. You can play individually or with other children: take your marble and chase it along the track so you don't lose sight of it.
Marble cost is €2.00 and it's yours forever! Personalize it with drawings or write your name on it and start the challenge among friends, fun is guaranteed.