IMPRESE TURISTICHE BARZIESI S.p.A. - PRIVACY Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent modifications and additions thereto


Pursuant to section13 of Legislative Decree196/03  and in compliance with that foreseen by the ruling issued by the Garantor for the protection of confidential information on March 9th 2005, you are hereby informed as follows:
a) The treatment of your personal and confidential information shall be exclusively used for the functional purposes of I.T.B. S.p.A.  of which the individual directly involved has the right to express consensus or otherwise.
The following functions are included in this category:
- customer satisfaction feedback on the quality of the service provided and the activity carried out by I.T.B. S.p.A. either directly or via a specialist company using personal or telephone interviews, questionnaires etc;
- promotion and sales of services provided by I.T.B. S.p.A. or by third-party providers carried out also by email, telephone, advertising material, automatic communication systems etc;
- market research.
b) The treatment of the information may also be performed by electronic or automated means and may involve any operation or group of operations among those foreseen by the Legislative Decree 196/03.
c) the supply of and treatment of personal information is not compulsory, save where required by specific laws and regulations.
d) Personal information, also confidential information regarding you, shall not be transmitted to third parties but may be communicated exclusively for the performance of the above-mentioned activities.
e) The data may also be communicated to Companies which carry out services such as  accounting, postal, packaging, transport and sorting of communications, archiving and data management; to the post office and transport companies.
Such companies may use the data in full compliance with the law, in full autonomy and assuming the role of “Data Controller” in relation to such data and the treatment thereof, without any liability being attributed in such cases to Dr Massimo Fossati.
f) the individual to whom the treatment of personal information relates shall have all rights foreseen by section 7. of the above-mentioned law, the text of which is wholly reported hereafter.
g) the Data Controller is: Imprese Turistiche Barziesi  S.p.A.
Section 7 - Legislative Decree196/2003 (Rights of individual) -
Art. 7. (Rights of access to personal data and other rights)
1. The individual has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or otherwise of the personal data which is held, even where the individual has yet to register, and to receive communication in relation thereto in a decipherable format.
2. The individual has the right to receive information relating to:
a) the origin of the confidential information;
b) the purpose and methodology of treatment;
c) the logic applied in the event that treatment is performed by electronic means;
d) the identification of the owner, the managers and the representative pursuant to paragraph 2, section 5;
e) the persons or type of persons to whom the personal information may be communicated or who may gain knowledge thereof through being the assigned representative within the national territory, or by being the manager or appointed to such role.
3.  The individual has the right to obtain:
a) the update, amendment or where appropriate addition of further data;
b) the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the restriction of data handled in violation of the law, including those which are not required to be held in relation to the purposes  for which the information was collected or subsequently treated;
c) the confirmation that the operations set forth in letters a) and b) have been brought to the knowledge of, also in relation to the content thereof, those persons whose data has been communicated, save where complying with such requisite shall prove impossible or shall require use of resources clearly disproportionately superior to the right being protected.
4. The individual shall have the right to oppose in whole or in part:
a) for legitimate reasons the treatment of their personal information even where such treatment is appropriate to the reasons for collection thereof;
b) the treatment of personal information relating to the individual for the purposes of the transmission of advertising material or direct sale or for the purposes of market research or marketing.