#Love nordic skiing

If you love Nordic skiing, you have to test two our tracks: Rododendro at Piani di Bobbio and Tre Signori at Valtorta. Both offer different route variants and are therefore suitable for both the experienced and beginners.
If you are in Artavaggio and you want to try nordic skiing, you can practice here on two rings: a ring of 1.2 km for beginners and one of 3 km for experts.

Rododendro - Piani di Bobbio

  • Height: 1.700 m - Approved for national and international competitions. It is a technical route, full of hills and descents, already the scene of the master Italian Championships (2006) and the absolute Italian Championships (2005)
  • Two variants: 2,5 and 5 Km
  • Lenght: 5.285 m
  • Height difference (HD): 47 m
  • Maximum gradient ascent (MM): 36 m - total drop (MT): 163,2 m
  • Lowest point: 1.673 m - Highest point: 1.721 m – starting altitude: 1.683 m
  • A well-equipped center offers all the necessary services

Tre Signori - Ceresola (Valtorta)

  • Height: 1.360 m
  • Length: 5 Km with four variants of 2 Km - 2,5 Km  - 3,5 Km and 4 Km