Bike Park Gravità0 regulation

I.T.B. S.p.A. has created Gravità0 Bike Park with Freeride sections at Piani di Bobbio. In a protected
natural environment each single act of incorrect behaviour has an impact on the area
we are visiting, with direct consequences for the flora and fauna as well as for other visitors.
Before entering you are asked to read the following rules in order to reach the Bike Park and the
Freeride starting points well informed in terms of how to behave. By signing this document you
specifically agree to abide by these rules.
• You are advised to have a good knowledge of the basic techniques of mountain biking in all
• You are advised to attempt the trails after having technically analysed them beforehand, being
well prepared and being in an adequate psychophysical condition.
• You must wear a hard shell helmet, have eye protection and have protective clothing for upper
body, arms and legs.
• You are advised to familiarise yourself with the trails by riding them at low speed the first time.
• For the safety of all visitors you must ride the trails with suitable bikes in good working order.
• You must respect the minimum safety distance between yourself and the rider in front of you.
• Should you stop for a rest you must leave the trail clear.
• Follow the signs en-route: all indications en-route must be respected and observed.
• The trails do not provide for any type of protection and/or right of way for the riders, who must
adopt behaviours compatible with normal traffic regulations and are absolutely forbidden to
follow unmarked trails and paths not included in the Bike Park area, namely non-Freeride trails.
• You must not enter trails marked as closed (for reasons of maintenance, impracticability etc)
• Children must always be accompanied by an adult who must supervise them with due care
and attention and make them aware of the content of these rules.
• Rain makes the trails more hazardous, therefore it is advisable to avoid riding in the rain and
to exercise more caution on wet trails.
• Riding on trails which are excessively wet and/or covered in puddles or snow is forbidden.
• You must exercise the utmost care at pedestrian crossing points, crossroads with other trails
and respect the right of way of automobiles, motorised vehicles and pedestrians along the
trails (paying due care and attention to any maintenance work being carried out in the forest
such as steps, verges and cuttings). Right of way must always be granted to non-motorised
excursionists in any event.
• Slow down and exercise due care and attention when approaching and overtaking other
excursionists, be they on foot or on horseback, and make them aware of your presence beforehand.
• Control your speed at all times and enter into curves being prepared to meet another person.
Your speed must be tailored to the terrain and your experience.
• Treat the environment with the utmost respect: do not disturb wild animals and do not cause
a disturbance.
• Do not leave litter! Collect any litter left by others.
• Respect public and private property, including signs; leave gates and bars as you find them.
• Plan your route, check the weather forecast and the conditions of the trails, meticulously
check your mountain bike and choose suitable clothing and equipment.
• Keep up-to-date regarding the access to the Bike Park and the condition of the Freeride trails
by reading the rules and any notices posted near the entrance points of the trails.
• You are advised to ride with others, never alone, leaving indications with friends or family
regarding the route you plan to follow. You are advised to take a mobile phone so as to be able
to call emergency services should it be necessary.
• Access to and riding along the trails by mountain bike, even on occasions subsequent to the
signing of these rules and the issuance of the pass card, amounts to recognition on your part
of the assumption of full responsibility of your behaviour and of any consequences arising therefrom.
No responsibility therefore regarding damages suffered by yourself may be attributed
to those responsible for the management of the Barzio / Piani di Bobbio cablecar nor to those
responsible for the management of the Bike Park and the freeride trails.
• Upon signing this document you agree to hold harmless those responsible for the management
of the Barzio / Piani di Bobbio cablecar as well as those responsible for the management
of the Bike Park and the freeride trails from any responsibility regarding any damages suffered
or caused by persons and/or objects when riding the trails.
Non adherence to the rules laid out in this document may be punishable by the sanctions provided
and are governed by law and applicable regulations.
I specifically accept the rules and regulations and expressly agree to hold harmless from any
responsibility those responsible for the management of the Barzio / Piani di Bobbio cablecar as
well as those responsible for the management of the Bike Park and the freeride trails.
By signing this document I hereby grant my consent to any treatment of personal data deriving
from the execution of these rules and regulations. Such treatment will be performed in full compliance
with that provided for by UE Legislative Decree n 679/2016, by UE Legislative Decree n 196/2003  and subsequent modifications thereto.


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